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Don’t you love it when you see something and find yourself doing a double take because you were pleasantly surprised? I do. The big idea is to trick the viewer’s mind into seeing something new by doing a simple switcheroo. Call it juxtaposition, transposition or substitution—the idea is to supplant one image for another with just enough finesse and restraint as to make you look twice. It’s a visual sleight-of-hand that is worth its weight in gold in the business of making friends and influencing people. It’s a wonderful design technique that not only makes you smile, but makes you aware that the world is full of untapped possibilities. Since the challenge of design (especially in business) is to move an audience from their current state of mind to an alternate and preferred place—the first, and hardest step is to arrest their attention. More than a shell game—it’s a sophisticated form of entertainment that is geared to tap right into our innate sense of curiosity and need to be surprised. Contrary to polltakers and marketers, most of us would actually prefer to have a daily dose of contradiction, riddle and make-believe because the alternative is stifling and deadly. Think about it this way. If the ad or product you develop is exactly what the customer is expecting—how do we expect to get their attention and respect, much less their patronage? If the name of the game is to innovate (highly overused), we have to do it at every turn and keep our customers on their toes and intrigued. A simple smile from a customer is sometimes worth a million bucks.