Gutter #7

Futura Light. Cooper Black. Helvetica Neue Regular. Micron 01, Graphic 1, Brush. Moleskine.

The crowned crane is the most primitive of the living Gruidae residing primarily in West Africa. They are monogamous birds that form pairs for life. During their mating dance, two cranes hop and jump gracefully with each other, their wings partly spread. Then they open their wings fully, bow to each other, and jump several feet in the air. Proof that manners matter in marriage. Standing at over a meter tall, the large yet elegant grey crowned crane is an icon in the wetlands. Its predominantly grey plumage contrasts sharply with black and white wings, a crest of golden feathers sitting on top of the head, and a bright red gulag pouch hangs from the throat. They present a distinct guttural grunt and a trumpeting call—“u-wang u-wang” (now available as a ring tone on the iPhone 6).

The plunger is a device that performs the crappy job of uncorking stoppages in toilets and sinks. It is speculated to have been invented between 1850 and 1900 when wood and synthetic rubber were becoming common manufacturing materials. The invention of the suction cup during the 1850's supports this theory. The rubber cup is the 'business' end of the plunger and is capable of performing either a pushing or sucking action—depending on which direction you are trying to move stuff (pushing is majority preference.) Perhaps the most fundamental and essential tool for plumbing—it is frequently referred to as a ‘plumber’s friend.’ More glamorous uses of the plunger include its use as a 'mute' by jazz trumpet and trombone players—as well as the occasional lifesaver in the performance of CPR.