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The spigot, (invented in 1845), uses the engineering concept of simple machines. Its primary task is to hold back water flow when turned off, and regulate water flow when turned on. Though a low-tech mechanism, the force needed to hold back water is equal to the pressure of the water multiplied by the area if the opening. A spigot will announce when it is failing to work. The word drip is an onomatopoeia. Lizards are a widespread group of squamate reptiles, with approximately 6,000 species. They typically have feet and external ears, while snakes lack both of these characteristics—and have a bad reputation. Lizards are able to conserve water by excreting salt. Most lizards can shed their tail as a means of escaping from a predator. The remaining tail stays back and acts alive to confuse the predator. Kind of like throwing off an expensive leather jacket when pursued by a stranger.